Monday, 15 December 2014

Beach or Mountain? Retirement / Holiday home musings ...

I'm more of a mountain person actually - prefer the cool, damp environment.

So here are the choices ... window shopping more like ...

1. A small apartment in Fraser's Hill or maybe nearer Genting - the cost is fairly low, small, easy to look after and most importantly: nice cool weather away from the heat of KL
Cons - damp, mould, leasehold, can be creepy and too much yin energy at times.

2. A large piece of land near Port Dickson - cheap on a per square foot basis, land is better than an apartment, can build my architectural dream home (at extra cost!), possibly more valuable as time goes by because it is a bungalow lot after all.
Cons - hot, sunny, don't know how breezy it is. Land area will become too difficult to handle as I get older.

Ah well... it's not a problem, really.. as I said, just musing about it. Not in a big rush to buy something.

For practical purposes, the land seems like a better deal and the apartment is a nice-to-have thing because that is not going to give any return nor capital gain, but I can start using it immediately.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Bandar Springhill, Negeri Sembilan

Hmm.. wondering if it might be worth buying into this area as a retirement home.

It is still relatively cheap compared to KL, freehold and near Port Dickson.

Eyeing the bungalow lots because they are priced at 25 psf so there is definitely upside to the price but of course, it probably won't grow as fast as the past few years.

There is the cost of building your own house but I think it will still be cheaper and more satisfying than buying a ready built one - especially if I plan to do this after retirement, then I will have plenty of time to supervise it.

Will check it out soon :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Taking a breather...

Oh dear.. just realised I haven't blogged much.. been busy, I recently changed jobs!

(More money! yay! More responsibility! Huuu!)

Anyway, it's all good.

Note to self, there is some development work happening in the quiet corner of Wangsa Maju, at the north east part of Bukit Dinding... only some signage but no project name yet.

Will keep an eye out for it.

Meanwhile - am thinking of getting a new car... am keen on the Mercedes C200 Avantgarde or maybe the CLA. But the roof is a bit low or perhaps I'm a bit tall, both models don't have seem to have much headroom. Hmm.. ah well, lets see.. the C200 is sold out anyway!

Next happy-problem is where to go at the end of the year, finally settled all the house moving, job moving etc that NOW I can go on a care-free, low-cost holiday hahaha or staycation ;p

Most probably Bangkok la... just relax, eat, shop and chill out...